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Browse the list below for an overview of our achievements and project capabilities.

Opera Australia Madama Butterfly moon orb floating platform

Full design and engineering of a custom floating platform for a 12 m height moon orb for Madama Butterfly. Concept: Opera Australia - Inflatable moon by Quim Guixa S.L. Credit pics: James D.Morgan

Darling Harbour Giant Waratah for Australia day

3D modelling and construction file from Kerri Ainsworth Concept and Design. Construction by Planet Engineering

Sydney Marina Contracting

Design work on barge leader track. 3D renderings for tender offer

Sydney Festival Giant Rubber duck floating platform

Full design and construction management of a custom floating platform for a 15 m height rubber duck. Rubber duck designed by Florentijn Hofman

CST composites

Design Engineering team. CST MONSTRO Foiling Moth. Design Dave Lister

Composite Consulting Group

3D modelings for FEA analysis. FEA analysis by CCG

Deepsea Challenge Submersible

Mechanical engineering team:
- Dummy submarine design: hydrostatic calculation, structural calculation, construction coordination. Used for deep sea challenger launching and recovery training.
- Deep sea challenger mast: Design and construction coordination.
- Preliminary work on weight and balance

Deepsea Challenge Submersible

Sling testing machine co-design and engineering.
Max pulling load capacity approx 100 tons


6 metres daysailing boat design.
Kit construction: Epoxy / Eglass / Marine plywood infusion.
In construction

Premier Composite

Collaboration work on a confidential architectural project which include 3D modelling and coordination between architect, structural engineer and the yard.

McConaghy boats

Specific construction drawings for hull and deck moulds of TP52 All for one.

Nigel Irens

Consultancy work on of their fast cruising catamarans.


Remodeling of all production toolings, and redesign of specific part of the boat.

Singularity / Lutra & Fred Barrett design / McConaghy Boats construction

80ft High performance cruising monohull with canting keel. Project management.

Alfa Romeo 3 / Reichel Pugh design / McConaghy Boats construction

IRC racing yacht. Project management.


45ft High performance cruising catamaran / VPLP Design Designer in charge.

Gitana12 and SodeboRefit

ORMA 60 racing trimaran/ VPLP Design Designer in charge.

Groupama 3

Maxi offshore racing Trimaran / VPLP Design. Drafting and Weight estimate.

Foncia 2

ORMA 60 racing Trimaran / VPLP Design. Main hull modification : Drafting. New curved foil : Calculation.

Crepes Whaou2

Class50 racing trimaran / VPLP Design Drafting

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